2020 Clean energy Innovation Contest

Excellent achievement

Supervisor: Associate Professor  Lua  Kim Boon

Members: Yu-Wei Chen, Yi-Li Lin, Ta-Jui Chang, Jian-Hao Chen

Entry: Bladeless Small Wind Generator

Date: 2020/10/18


Making use of the VIV (vortex induced vibration) phenomenon, the present energy harvester vibrates within a certain range of wind speed range, moves the magnets and wires inside the vibrating harvester body to generate electricity. The operating wind speed range is designed to be around 3 m/s, which is the average wind speed in Taiwan, in order to achieve maximum energy generation.

Currently, most of the wind turbines in Taiwan are of the blade type, and their working principles and structures are very different from the present harvester. The operating wind speed range can be controlled by adjusting rod mass, length, characteristic length (diameter), etc. Compared with normal rotating wind turbines, this harvester has the advantages of small size, low cost, and low starting wind speed.

It is designed to be a energy harvester that can generate electricity steadily low wind in residential communities. It can complement conventional large-scale wind turbines by operating under low wind speed or at compact areas where large-scale wind turbines cannot function or cannot be installed. Unlike conventional large-scale wind turbines, which require large spacing, VIV generator can be arranged into compact array which allows the turbines to interact with each other and therefore increase the power output per unit area.


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